Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Some Friends New Years Resolution

Wow! It seems forever since my last post, I have been busy with my new found hobby and some home renovations the past few months. There have been several things happening over time. The only time I spend minute in front of computer was doing facebook and keeping in touch with friends that way. I cannot ignore the fact that since after election, after legalized same sex marriage in Washington State that I started seeing more of my friends coming out. I got to talking to one of my friend Jan and I could not try to avoid asking her sudden change built. She is a butch and I just found out that she had used TENS Units, Muscle Stimulators to enhance her muscles. I would not imagine how much change she looked like before after the nice tone muscles she have now. She would make some men envious. I would say , it reallty does work! I never really thought these things work that well, but it made a believer out of me. This is the rest of the post Read More......

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A spring dining room freshening

Guest post written by Erik Halloway

Our dining room seems to have been in a slump for a while. We entertained a lot of people in our home during the holidays and it was then that it came to my attention that the room could really use a makeover. We don't use it for everyday meals, so I guess that's why I didn't really notice it before.

In addition to a coat of paint, we could really use a new dining set too. When we were online looking through discount dining room sets I saw something about Sears cabinet refacing. Once I read through the information I thought that it would be good to consider getting our kitchen remodeled too and get our cabinets resurfaced. Something to think about along the way.

We're already picking out paint colors, but aren't going to decide on anything for sure until we find some new dining room furniture. I think that we want a dark mahogany colored table and chairs. It will really look modern and be a definite upgrade. Read More......

No Car for the Moment? Lease One

There have been several times where I had my car down. Last October I took my Subaru Impreza to the shop expecting a minor problem, so it was not. I got it after a month later but after driving it for 5 miles, I saw black smoke following my car whew! It was not the most exciting experience and down right embarrassing. I called the mechanic who was working on my car and he immediately picked me up with his tow truck. After that it was like a longgggggg wait not knowing when I get the car back at all. Lucky for me I have 2 rigs so I was driving my Ford truck for awhile though I was not real happy about it but it was the only way. The truck uses more gas than my Impreza. It made me wonder how would I had managed if I hadn't had another rig?

My job requires lots of out of town driving to see patients and without a car, I could not afford not working at all. I might lose my job over that. My curiosity got me to thinking for a solution. Yes! of course, leasing a car is the solution. I am not talking about rental car, that is expensive and impractical. I am not talking about the long term lease either, it's short term Cars on Demand which is much more flexible for short term lease. Like me who would had rented for three months (that's how long I had my car in the shop) this short term car lease would come in handy. I may not pick the most fancy car but the most practical and economical. For some who might been stuck with expensive rentals or long term leases, think again. Read More......

Fixing my Broken Iphone 4 Touch Screen

I have to admit that I was getting carefree about my Iphone 4 past months. I don't know how many times I dropped it on hard surface floor or paved grounds. Just that day I was planning to get a new phone, I dropped it again and so finally I broke the front touch screen. I was not really affected nor worried until I have decided to use my old iphone 4 as an experiment. I've always wanted to jailbreak my Iphone 4 but somehow I never had the guts to try. So with broken screen and all, I decided to jailbreak my Iphone 4 with IOS 5 running 04.11.08 firmware. Just few months ago, this was not possible because APPLE made it almost impossible to make changes since IOS 5 update. I made a mistake of upgrading...ohh well but thank God and it is possible now but my post is not about jaibreaking my iphone but how I fix and replaced the front touch screen. It was not hard at all if you have the right tools to open the phone. I got the OEM part in AMAZON.COM ( Complete replacement kit for iphone 4 (Pre-assembled)includes (white) front glass and Digitizer + LCD Assembly + white home button +Custom Iphone 4 sc Complete replacement kit for iphone 4 ,I purposely picked white for a change ,then after that all you need is patience , time, good eyesight and ability to watch youtube video to follow each step . Taking it out was easier that putting it back on, so I watch the video in reverse to make sure I put the screws back in right spot specially Iphone 4 have different screw size so that is something to watch for. Read More......

My Honest Comparison between IPHONE 4 and SAMSUNG GALAXY SKYROCKET S2

Because I've been wanting to get out of Iphone thingy, I decided to grab samsung galaxy S II , it has bigger screen compared to my old iphone 4 and less drop out calls which is a real plus for me who is almost on phone whole day. I so loved the big screen and the speech to txt capability so I can txt back without typing although the bot needs to be more personalized and teach more languages lol. The front camera which is 2 MP is less than Iphone 4 at 3MP while the back camera is way better at 8 MP compared to iphone 4 at 5 MP. I do like the sound quality of the peakers better when I tried playing one of Adele's song hehehe. The only big draw back is the bluetooth connectivity. I did not realized this is a Droid issue, well of course until I have it. Iphone 4 is still far out better in bluetooth connectivity specially like me who like to use voice chatting such like skype and yahoo ,because I use bluetooth on 100 % of my almost 24/7 calls .... I am very disappointed but after days of tinkering I manage to make bluetooth work on skype calls (only on AD2P bluetooth headset)So I am loving this ANDROID . It is twice better on photo quality and clarity even when I lowered to 3MP resolution compared to Iphone 4.. here is the link of the trick I use to make bluetooth work on my Android..... Read More......

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Gift

I always believe on creative or personalized gift, somehow it make it more special and unique from the rest. Last month was Jhen's birthday and it took me few days to think about what to give. I know I can easily buy stuffs from store but she pretty much has all she need or if she need something ,it would be too pricy. Then one time at the shop I saw this coat hanger. I know how Jhen always look for spot to put her coat specially now it's winter. Oh it was a great idea! At the woodworking shop , I ask our instructor some hints of how to make a simple yet very usable. and I got her this. She now nailed it by the back door so when she enter or leave the house, she just grab her coat from there. I feel good about what I gave her and I made it specially for her. Read More......

Monday, February 6, 2012

Open Permit , Open More Opportunities

I have several friends that live and worked in Canada. Most of them come from the Philippines. I hear stories of how they entered Canada or their Visa status. It is very interesting how Filipinos really are hard workers. They have great work ethics. Like the "live in caregivers", they are great nannies. Imagine leaving their home country and families is a big sacrifice anyone has to tackle. Last December, I heard lots of my Filipino friends recieved their open permit request. This gives them an option of open permit working visa so they can apply different jobs. I know most of them try to live out of their employers home after being qualified for open permit. One friend actually already have her rentals in Edmonton. I know how long she waited her chance to do this not to mention being able to try different career for more income.

I really believe that "live in caregivers" are blessing and helped a lot of household to maintain smooth, daily routine for couples who have more than one children. It must been hard to get connected to a family and after two years will have some changes. Although some caregivers decided to stay at their employers home and wait until the child entered school and don't need much assist preparing for school.

The new changes in "live in caregiver" immigration laws helped caregivers to appply and change their visa status for open permit in a shorter processing time. I think it used to take about seven months to a year but last December I heard some getting approved after three months. This is a great change and more power to our very helpful and energetic nannies.

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